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The Accounting Game

The Accounting Game (Summer Camp)

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Summer Camp Objective

This class offers a hands-on approach to learning about financial responsibility. Set up a small business and learn the ins and outs of financial decision making as you turn your start-up into a profitable enterprise. The game offers a gentle introduction to financial terminology, accounting processes and responsible decision making.

Not only will this class lead you on the path to starting a business as an entrepreneur, it will also have many correlations into your own personal financial success.

Topics of note for your own personal success:

  • Recognize the importance of a budget
  • Learning how to use credit responsibly
  • Develop an understanding of cash flow
  • Analyze your financial performance
  • Determine actions to improve your financial situation


Summer Camp Outline

The Accounting Game consists of 8 units of study:

  1. Set up a new business
  2. Profit and loss
  3. Credit Decisions
  4. Accounting Principles
  5. Service Businesses
  6. Cash vs. Profits
  7. Taxes
  8. Final Analysis

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