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APA Payroll Accounting Certification

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Course path to Fundamental Payroll Certification (FPC) by the American Payroll Association:

Payroll Accounting Fundamentals and the Fundamental Payroll Certification Preparation course

Payroll Accounting Fundamentals is an introductory level payroll accounting course that fully demonstrates the processes to properly pay employees and avoid penalties liabilities stemming from improperly paying employees and paying payroll taxes.

Upon successfully completing this course, students will be able to perform the following accounting tasks:

  • Accurately compute wages and salaries
  • Properly compute FICA taxes
  • Accurately compute federal and state income tax withholding
  • Correctly compute Unemployment Compensation taxes
  • Analyze and journalize payroll transactions
  • Properly prepare documents for state and federal reporting and deposit of required funds
  • Sit for the BCI Fundamental Payroll Certification prep course that prepares you for the
    Fundamental Payroll Certification by the American Payroll Association.

Course Books & Materials

Payroll Accounting 2014; 24th Ed., Bieg, B.J. & Toland, J.A., Cengage Learning. ISBN:978-1-285-43708-8

Course Outline

The Payroll Accounting Fundamentals Course consists of 10 units of study:

1.       The Need for Payroll and Personnel Records

2.       Computing and Paying Wages and Salaries

3.       Social Security Taxes

4.       Income Tax Withholding

5.       Unemployment Compensation Taxes

6.       Analyzing and Journalising Payroll

7.       Payroll Project

8.       Payroll Project

9.       Payroll Project

10.     Payroll Project