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Bookkeeping Career Institute Administration

Denise Loter-Koch

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Greg Charles

Sarah Smith


Founding President/Owner                      Denise Loter-Koch

Denise Loter-Koch is the founding president and owner of the Bookkeeping Career Institute. Denise is also CEO & President of ebs Associates, Inc. a thirty-year-old QuickBooks consulting, small business accounting and bookkeeping firm. As a former corporate financial controller with broad expertise in accounting and bookkeeping across a variety of industries and business settings, and an Advance Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor, she is a nationally recognized educator and industry leader. She has worked with hundreds of businesses and has taught thousands of business professionals how to use QuickBooks and employ proper accounting and bookkeeping methods to effectively grow their businesses.

As the acting President for the Bookkeeping Career Institute, Mrs. Loter-Koch oversees all program development and course content, as well as the hiring and placement of Program Instructors and school faculty. She personally reviews student applications for admission and program enrollment to further ensure each student’s successful program completion. Students may meet with the school President at the end of their program to discuss career opportunities and a job placement referral.




Director of Education                           Greg Charles 

Greg Charles earned his Master of Arts in Development Banking and has over 10 years of accounting teaching experience. He also managed corporate financial operations and reporting for businesses in all stages of development from small start-up companies to large multinational corporations. He gives real-life examples of actual scenarios in business when so you students know what other people have experienced and what the resolution has been.  Past students have enjoyed the way he shares stories from his extensive accounting experience and ties it into the curriculum.






Admissions Representative                        Sarah Smith

Sarah Smith has been working with Students at Bookkeeping Career Institute since the beginning of 2016. She has been working in administration for the last 9 years. She makes sure that her main goal in helping students is setting them  up on the right path for success. She takes the time and dedication to help them with classes and their work schedules and help them success in any class they choose to take.